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Dec 1

At Jason L. Downey, DDS Dentistry in Las Vegas, we offer the most advanced gum disease treatment.

Nov 1

Many Las Vegas dental patients require full mouth reconstruction to restore the aesthetics, functionality, and health of their teeth and gums.

Oct 1

Las Vegas dentist Jason L. Downey and his team perform popular smile makeover treatments to restore the health and beauty of patients’ smiles.

Aug 31

If you are missing a tooth or multiple teeth, a great option to consider is a dental bridge. Dental bridges will help patients fill in gaps between teeth, restoring the beauty and function of a smile in the process.

Jul 25

For our Las Vegas patients, tooth-colored inlays and onlays offer a cosmetically pleasing solution to dental filling treatment and restoration.

Jun 29

Our Las Vegas patients can now have a flawless smile with dental bonding, a treatment that masks dental imperfections.

May 30

At Jason L. Downey, DDS Dentistry, we customize individual smile makeovers for patients at our Southwest Las Vegas dental practice.

Apr 24

In Las Vegas, dental crowns are used by our cosmetic dentists to treat damaged areas of the teeth in our restorative dentistry practice patients.

Apr 16

Teeth whitening is a popular cosmetic dentistry procedure at our Las Vegas practice, but some patients experience tooth sensitivity after undergoing the procedure.

Mar 12
Sometimes patients are asked to take certain medications prior to visiting our dental practice, such as antibiotics or sedatives. These medications may improve the dental experience or be necessary for effective dental care. Let's look at this matter right now.

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