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Sep 26

At the practice of Jason L. Downey, DDS, tooth discoloration treatment plans are customized to each patient.

Oct 30

Porcelain veneers are a durable restoration; however, patients should understand that they will likely require replacement at some point.

Sep 6

The dentists at Jason L. Downey, DDS Dentistry discuss porcelain veneer costs and payment options for Las Vegas patients.

Jan 14

Our Las Vegas cosmetic dentist offers instant orthodontics with porcelain veneers to qualified candidates.

Oct 1

Las Vegas dentist Jason L. Downey and his team perform popular smile makeover treatments to restore the health and beauty of patients’ smiles.

Jun 29

Our Las Vegas patients can now have a flawless smile with dental bonding, a treatment that masks dental imperfections.

May 30

At Jason L. Downey, DDS Dentistry, we customize individual smile makeovers for patients at our Southwest Las Vegas dental practice.

Dec 7

Our Las Vegas cosmetic dentists at Jason L. Downey, DDS Dentistry review the differences between the invisalign® system and porcelain veneers.

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