DIAGNOdent Laser: How it Works, Benefits, and More

While dental caries, better known as cavities, are of the most common oral health issues, they can still pose quite the dilemma for dentists. You see, during each of your semi-annual checkups in our Las Vegas dental office, Dr. Downey assesses your teeth for ly-forming cavities. When he sees a potential issue, or cavity, he must decide between two actions: keep a close watch on the cavity until your next appointment, or plan for a filling with the possibility of not actually needing it. To avoid this and properly identify any cavities, Dr. Downey utilizes the DIAGNOdent laser pen! Specially designed to identify caries that may otherwise go unnoticed, the DIAGNOdent laser had a major impact on cavity detection and the treatment of such.

Now, you can take advantage of the technology right here in Las Vegas with Dr. Jason L. Downey. Committed to providing the best in dental services to each and every one of his patients, Dr. Downey strives to stay on top of the est dental technology. Take a moment to learn more about DIAGNOdent and how it can detect cavities and ultimately ensure better oral health.

How the DIAGNOdent Laser Works

Due to the widespread use of fluoride, the tooth enamel of many patients has become harder and more resistant to cavities. While this is great for the surfaces of your teeth, it can cause quite the dilemma for the dentist and the rest of your tooth. Cavities are now increasingly beginning to form within the deeper layer of a tooth, or the dentin, which affects the tooth from the inside. While still treatable, this can be deceiving for Dr. Downey as the outside of the tooth will appear healthy. Fortunately, DIAGNOdent is designed to solve this dilemma and accurately identify cavities in their initial stages. But how does it work?

Simply put, the DIAGNOdent laser is shined directly on a patient's teeth, then providing a digital readout to Dr. Downey, determining whether or not a cavity is forming. Identifying cavities that may go unseen by the naked eye and even x-rays, the DIAGNOdent laser fluorescence technology has improved the early identification of cavities, as well as the diagnosis of such. Actually, DIAGNOdent has been proven to identify the slightest form of tooth decay, which allows for less-invasive fillings. Plus, the DIAGNOdent laser pen can be utilized in any appointment, as it's safer to use than x-rays. The benefits go on, however.

Benefits of the DIAGNOdent Laser

The DIAGNOdent laser presents a number of benefits for both you and Dr. Downey. In short, this great technology allows for easier diagnosis and treatment, all the while saving time in the dentist's chair! Take a look at the advantages below:

  • 90% accurate in detecting decay early
  • Precise measurement allows for less invasive treatment, preserving more of the tooth
  • Saves time (early detection = less treatment)
  • Reduced need for manual probe
  • Less abrasion of enamel
  • Takes just minutes to scan entire mouth

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