Why You Should Avoid Over the Counter Teeth Whitening

In improving the appearance of your smile, one treatment patients often look to is professional teeth whitening to achieve a brighter and more aesthetically-pleasing smile. While teeth whitening from your dentist is a great way to better your smile, many patients tend to opt for the DIY alternative, seeking over the counter teeth whitening products to reach their sought-after results. Though some take-home whitening kits can provide successful results, using these kits can be risky. In other words, it's best to avoid over the counter whitening kits and have your teeth whitened by Dr. Jason L. Downey.

Here in our Las Vegas dental office, Dr. Downey can provide in-office whitening for those seeking a brighter smile. Dr. Downey is committed to providing the best in dental services to his patients, and that includes professional teeth whitening. For those seeking to whiten teeth on their own time, Dr. Downey can even provide you with an effective take-home kit, superior to those sold in stores. Now, take a moment understand why you should avoid over the counter teeth whitening and the risks they present.

The Problem with Over the Counter Teeth Whitening

There's a variety of issues that can arise when using store-bought teeth whitening kits. These over the counter teeth whiteners often claim to be safe for use, which may be true, but performing it on your own leaves too much room for error. Consider this: a whitening kit you bought in a store isn't giving you the results quick enough. So, you simply increase use to achieve the shade of white you desire. This subjects your teeth to increase exposure to the active ingredient, which can over bleach the teeth (causing transparency) and harm your gums.

What's more concerning is the increased sensitivity of teeth that often results from these over the counter teeth whitening kits. The same circumstances detailed above can quickly lead to hypersensitivity within the teeth, as the overuse of whitening agents will ultimately weaken teeth. Plus, the bleach in store-bought kits can penetrate cavities and irritate the gums. In some cases, the bleach can even affect your stomach, as the one-size-fits-all bleaching trays can lead to ingesting the active ingredient.

To prevent these issues and risks, your best bet is to have your teeth professional whitened by Dr. Downey here in Las Vegas.

Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

In opposition to the over the counter whitening kits, professional in-office teeth whitening can give you the results you desire in just one appointment—without the potential risks! In fact, you can achieve a smile that is up to eight shades brighter in one office visit. Safer and more effective, in-office whitening is certainly the way to go.

Of course, Dr. Downey also offers options for those who would like to brighten their smile at home. He'll provide you with the Opalescence® or Day White® Take-Home Tooth Whitening kits. Both of these professional kits are superior to those sold in stores and come with customized trays to ensure a perfect fit, preventing the ingestion of the bleaching agent.

Achieve Whiter Teeth with Dr. Downey Today!

Clearly, you can attain the perfect white smile right here in Las Vegas from Dr. Downey. In doing so in our office, you'll avoid the many issues that can arise from over the counter teeth whitening kits, and you'll be far more pleased with the results. Plus, you can receive said results in just one appointment!

If you're interested in our teeth whitening services, contact us today. You can also give us a call at 702-871-4903.

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